My Family Member Was Arrested in Arizona, What Happens Now?

Friday, April 9, 2021

Bail Bonds and What to Do

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When a family member or friend is arrested they are typically transported to an Arizona local city jail, or to the county jail to begin a booking process. Arizona City jails will have record of the person being in custody fairly quickly, while the booking process for Arizona county jails can be several hours. Once the individual is booked in, they will be scheduled to appear within 24 hours at an initial appearance court to be advised of the charges pending against them and any release conditions. Release conditions can include being required to post a secured appearance bond to the jail directly or through a licensed bail bondsman, being required to post a cash only bond to the jail directly, release to a pre-trial services agency, release to a pre-trial services agency with electronic monitoring, or being released on own with the promise to appear at all future court dates. Release conditions are set through the judge’s discretion, and a combination of release conditions may be used. If you are not able to afford a bond required for your family member’s release, the person may stay in custody through the duration of the court dates. If a bond is not required, your family member will begin the release process which can vary depending on which jail they are located at.