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What is a Ankle Monitoring?

Quick Bail provides ankle monitoring services for individuals wanting to bail a family member or friend out of jail, but may not have the full collateral to secure the bail bond. Ankle monitors are used to help secure a bail bond by the agency. Ankle monitors can be set up to simply restrict travel outside of the state or county, can be set up with curfews, and/or restrictions from particular locations. Ankle monitoring restrictions are set up through Quick Bail, as well as the signer to the bail bond.

Ankle monitoring is based on an approval process. To determine if your loved one can qualify please give our agency a call, or fill out the form below!

I need Ankle Monitoring!

We can help you get ankle monitoring! With each case a little different from the next, we need to discuss your situation and we will come up with a plan to get your ankle monitoring!

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