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Quick Bail is the largest and best rated bail bond agency in Arizona. We have helped thousands of families in times of crisis, providing bail bonds for families across Arizona. We can arrange bail bonds from $500 up to $1,000,000+. Quick Bail offers extensive payment plans, low collateral bail bond options, and fast service.

Our agents at Quick Bail understand obtaining information on how the bonding process works can be very overwhelming, and we are here to help you through a difficult time and answer any questions you may have. Customers as well as many law firms use Quick Bail because they have trust and faith in us. Quick Bail can provide the intitial service posting your, or your loved one's bond, and will be here every step of the way to insure you are given the information and respect you deserve through the entire process.

As a leader in the bail bond industry, we believe in professionalism, confidentiality, and working quickly as jails are not a comfortable place to be. If you need bail bond services, do not hesitate to give Quick Bail Inc a call or stop by one of our convenient offices. If you need us to come to you, we can arrange that as well!

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With the extensive experience we have in the legal system, we can help you with the information you need to get the process started. We are here to work with you to make sure your loved one gets out of jail quickly.

We provide many types of bail bonds. We can help you with a secured appearance bail bond (surety bond), cash-only bail bond, low collateral bail bond, transfer bail bond, credit card bail bond by phone, and more. If you have any questions about the types of bonds we service, please contact us or fill out a Quick Bail Request form and we will be in contact with you within minutes.

We Offer Low Collateral Bail Bond Options, and Payment Plans!
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- Testimonials


Quick bail is definitely the best bondsman in the phoenix area! I wouldn't waste time trying anyone else! I had called at least 10 different companies before i was fortunate enough to find Josh at Quick bail and every single one did nothing to help me. A few of them even flat out lied to me quoting me a price then when i called back to go ahead with the process they then completely change the terms we had just discussed. I was so frustrated and beginning to think that there was no hope in getting my wife out when I found Quick bail online and spoke to Josh. We discussed terms over the phone and the next morning I went and met with him. The process was quick and easy, he set up a payment plan for us, had he not been willing to do that I would not have been able to get my wife out. 

Hugh F.


Josh is great person, he helped us when it seemed like no one would. I really appreciate him.

MasYach Y.


Quick Bail was not my first stop for a service that was needed. I definitely wish it would've been. Josh was professional yet willing to work with circumstances out of the normal realm. He provided a valuable service while treating me with respect. Hopefully I won't need his service again but I wouldn't hesitate if necessary and would definitely recommend Quick Bail.

Katherine H.


I would recommend them to anyone who needs to be bailed out quickly. Samantha gave a great deal on the fees. Josh was very knowledgable and great at responding whenever I needed to contact him. He worked with us in setting up a payment plan. Very thankful for such a great bail bondsman and the staff was extremely helpful when we had other questions.

Jennifer E.


Just give them a call if you need a bond and monitoring services . They are very reasonable and helpful people. This company reunited my son and I while we fight his case . I am grateful for the kindness of these folks!

Kimmie W.


There is absolutely nothing bad i can say about Quick Bail. They were there to help me when i was in a bad situation. They didnt play games n thankful to them my life has gone back to somewhat normal . They were quick posting my bond n worked with me while i waited to be sentenced.  Josh is amazing n easy to reach always. Amanda might be the sweetest person ive ever met. They are so flexible n treat u with up most respect regardless. I would recommend this company over any other one out there. They are affordable n quick. They trully are the best out there.



This place is amazing!! Jennifer and Josh helped myself and my boyfriend in a time of great need. They posted the bond for us and also Jennifer was a wealth of very helpful knowledge. I pray we are never in a situation to need these services again but if I was I would call here first.

Molly L.


The best bail bondsman I have ever had to deal with. He is honest, and non judgemental,  they make sure that your comfortable  in the most uncomfortable situation.   They worked with me when NO ONE else would even take a second  look.  This is the place to go, no one else even comes close. 

Thank you for everything you have done tor me .  I really appreciate  you actually  caring about my situation  and going out of your way , your truly are one of a kind.

Lisa B.
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- Services

Secured Appearance Bonds

Secured appearance bonds consist of bail bonds that are performed with collateral.

Cash Only Bonds

Cash only bonds consist of bail bonds that are performed with cash, credit card, or debit card.

Out of State Services

QuickBail has options for those that are out of state!

Transfer Bail Bonds

Quick Bail is primarily located in Arizona, however, we are able to perform bail bonds in most of the fifty states.

Signature Bonds

Signature bonds is using an individual’s signature as a promise to pay.

Ankle Monitoring

Quick Bail provides ankle monitoring services.

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