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What is a Secured Appearance Bond?

Secured appearance bonds consist of bail bonds that are performed with collateral. Types of collateral include: Vehicles, Homes, Land, Jewelry, Tools, Credit Card,Cash and many others. Quick Bail accepts these forms of collateral, while also offering signature bail bonds, low collateral bail bonds, and electronic monitoring bail bonds. Securing collateral for a bail bond can be difficult for some individuals. Quick Bail understands this, and can provide services that may waive the required collateral through an approval process.

A secured appearance bond is performed by securing the bail bond amount with the collateral, and paying the state premium which is non-refundable. Secured appearance bail bonds are set by a judge typically at an intitial appearance court date. This court date occurrs within 24 hours of an arrest. The judge will read the "Form 4" arresting information, look over the alleged charges, and the arestee's financial questionair. The judge will then use discretion and set release terms which often include a secured appearance bail bond.

In most states, including Arizona, the cost of a bail bond is 10% of the bail plus administrative expenses. Each state sets their own rates and those rates are non-negotiable.

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We can help you get a secured appearance bond! With each case a little different from the next, we need to discuss your situation and we will come up with a plan to get your secured appearance bail bond!

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