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What is a Cash Only Bond?

Cash only bonds consist of bail bonds that are performed with cash, credit card, or debit card.

When a judge labels a bail bond as “cash only”, the judge is not allowing the bond to be secured with personal property or real property. Cash only bail bonds are considered to be a form of release. When an individual is arrested, he or she will see an intitial appearance judge within 24 hours of being booked into the jail. Release conditions, type of bail bond, and amount of the bail bond are all decided upon through the judge's discretion at this court appearance.

Why is my or my family member's bail bond "cash only" instead of a secured appearance bail bond?

Although a cash only bond is typically set through discretion, they are often used as a release condition for individuals that appear to be of higher risk to show up to the future court appearances, are being charged with alleged financial crimes, owe unpaid court fines or child support, have a history of not appearing at prior court dates on the specific case or previous cases, and/or are being charged with higher level felonies.

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We can help you get a cash only bond! With each case a little different from the next, we need to discuss your situation and we will come up with a plan to get your cash only bond!

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