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When a loved one gets arrested, there is no better way of describing the experience than dizzying. Beyond the shock of the event itself, there is an oncoming flurry of tasks at hand to deal with. Finding out what happened, where they are now, bail options, and finding ways to protect the individual arrested are all just parts of the craziness involved. Point being, you need to have people on your side who can help navigate this process with you. We want to overview a tool that will help ground you during this time that can lead to the quick release of an arrested loved one. Using the Arizona Inmate search tools is one of the most helpful valuable resources you have after an arrest. If you get to speak directly to someone following their arrest, sometimes they’ll be unable to give you all the necessary information while dealing with their shock. Instead of scrambling, we can use the inmate search tools to gather important information and work towards freeing them quickly.

How to use AZ Inmate Search

The AZ Inmate search tools are invaluable in finding where your loved one is currently being held, what their charge is, and the status of their bond. Gathering these critical bits of information will prove to be essential when you try and help your loved one after their arrest. Especially if you are trying to navigate the bail process from out of state and you are not familiar with the different counties, having this information will be incredibly valuable to you. When you visit the inmate search database you’ll be instructed to enter either the booking number, so this can be important information to gather when you speak with your arrested loved one or you can search by first name, last name, and date of birth. This search will give you up to date information regarding where they are being held, the charges, and the bail status. The AZ corrections site may be the best place to start your search if you are unsure of which county your loved one was arrested in. If you do know which county it was, you can go directly to the inmate search for that particular county.

Phoenix Bail Bonds

After identifying what charges are being made and where they are being held, the next step to consider for helping a loved one after their arrest is to start arranging bail. If you are new to how bail bonds work check this more in depth explanation on how they work. Bail bonds don’t have to be complicated or scary. During the arraignment process a judge will set the bail for the arrested person. From there, you can decide how you would like to make bail. For many people, they will need some sort of assistance when it comes to making the high number. Quick Bail is the agency more Arizonans trust because of our commitment to exceptional service. If you find yourself in need of a bail bond agency, Quick Bail is your best choice to work with an experienced and trustworthy agency that will help you make the best informed decision possible. 

Phoenix Bail Bonds

When faced with the unfortunate and unforeseen reality of making bail for yourself or a loved one, get help from the experts. For years we have helped countless families in Arizona free their loved ones from jail time. Posting bail is very stressful and can be very complicated without assistance from one of the top rated bond agencies. We offer services in counties all across the state of Arizona including Maricopa, Pima, Coconino, and Yuma. Our experience in working with families out of state is an invaluable resource. Attached below are some of the county-specific inmate search tools that can be used to help find the pertinent information regarding the arrest of a loved one. If you are interested to learn more about bond help give us a call at 602-253-4800. Below are a few of the county inmate search sites that can help you.

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